Edmund Cross - Facilitation / Development / Training


Edmund CrossEdmund Cross has been facilitating individual, team and organizational development with a wide range of public sector organizations for the past 16 years. He has gained a reputation for his expertise and his creative and businesslike approaches that enable teams and groups to explore and address issues facing them in a constantly changing environment.

Creating and maintaining an atmosphere in which participants can share ideas, concerns, hopes and conflicts productively has been key to building his reputation as a facilitator.

All facilitation and training is bespoke written and delivered to meet the specific needs of individual client organisations.

The process includes the following elements:
  • Consultation with client to identify needs and outcomes
  • Event design and planning
  • Facilitation of event from welcome to closure leaving team leaders free to participate fully with their team processes
  • Management of group discussions and activities
  • Write-up of event/report as agreed
Events are characterized by:
  • Work-focused activities and discussion
  • Creative, dynamic and interactive large and small group work
  • Constructive approach to tensions and conflicts
Outcomes include:
  • Difficult issues addressed directly
  • Overcoming specific and systemic obstacles
  • Effective communication within and across teams
  • Informed decision-making
  • Solution focused planning


  • “Excellent, informative, full of energy, very well facilitated. Can we have Edmund for the next day please? Like his sense of purpose, understanding and mix of seriousness and fun.”
    NHS Foundation Trust
  • “Thank you for your superb assistance on Saturday. I feel it has helped greatly to steer us away from trouble and towards solutions.”
    Primary Care Team Lead partner in practice